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VIPKID. What is it? How to get hired? How to pass your VIPKID interview and your VIPKID demo lesson? Then you still have all your work ahead of you. The dreaded VIPKID Mock 1. And you’d better hope you sail through that, because otherwise you’ll have to take ANOTHER mock class. Once you’re hired, what about teaching trial classes? We’re going to talk about all of that.

So you have resolved to educate online with VIPKid. Congratulations! VIPKid has produced a positive effect on my loved ones and our fiscal situation, so I’m always pleased to hear someone new is joining the corporation. As soon as you’ve finished the sign-up and fundamental advice stage, it’s time to schedule your initial interview. VIPKid is famous (infamous?) Because of its protracted and somewhat intimidating interview procedure. Do not hesitate! That is seriously the toughest part. When you’re hired and instruction, it is a breeze.

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The best way to ace your initial interview with VIPKid
VIPKid candidates undergo a set of three interviews: An electronic meeting with a VIPKid worker in China, Mock class one, and Mock course two. The mock courses are equally completed utilizing the VIPKid portal using a teacher mentor located in the U.S. I’ll cover these courses more in depth in a subsequent post. For now, I will strictly concentrate on the very first interview.

Below are a few hints and tips to ace your very first interview using VIPKid.

Your Initial Interview Determines Your Earnings.
I can’t stress this enough! However much you really blow them away on your mock courses, you won’t ever be offered over the dollar amount you’re presented with throughout your interview. It’s necessary that you market yourself and emphasize the skills that you’re bringing to the corporation. Because of this, my starting wage was approximately $1 per hour lower than that which it might have been. Do not make the exact same error — Sell your skills!

This doesn’t appear to be a huge deal, but it could be. My interviewer was a beautiful young man who spoke English really well. But he had a fairly thick accent and there was an example or two where I found myself grinning and nodding… Perhaps not what you would like to do in a meeting! You wish to earn sure all information has been communicated effectively.

Secondly, based upon your time zone, there’s a considerable time gap. For me personally, it’s a gap of 12 hours. I interviewed on a Saturday day and tried to create small talk with my aide. I inquired about how his Saturday was moving just for him to react it was Sunday morning! Again, not a huge deal, and we laughed it off, but that I had been so nervous it frees me a little.

Personality is essential! An internet instructor has to have the ability to express both emotion and information in a really small and particular space.
Personality is essential! An internet instructor has to have the ability to express both emotion and information in a really small and particular space.
Double and Triple Check Your Gear at Least 30 Minutes Prior To Your Interview.
You’ll have to have a stable internet connection (restarting your pc and emptying your cache helps), a working webcam, and a headset with mic. Double and triple check to ensure all these things are functioning prior to your interview. Inadequate audio/video/internet relations won’t assist you in making a fantastic first impression. If something does fail, contact VIPKid once possible and they will reschedule your interview. Take note that they will only reschedule after because of IT issues. They don’t wish to spend money and time into a teacher that doesn’t always meet engineering requirements.

Take a Timer Handy and Manage Your Own Time Well.
That is HUGE. During your interview, you’ll be asked to present a brief 5 minute lesson into your interviewer. The interviewer will feign for a 5 year-old kid with limited English. Yes, it’s as embarrassing as it seems! Do not worry, the interviewers do so daily and they’ve seen everything. The key point to consider in this component of the interview is the time management. You should be finishing approximately 1 slide per minute. Repeat this ahead and keep a timer handy throughout your interview. Time management is a massive supply of your own points, so be cautious of this as you proceed throughout your lesson.

You may make use of these props to exhibit content and employ student benefits. Using props within an electronic classroom can take a good deal of getting used to, so be sure you practice prior to your interview. Ensure text shows up right throughout the webcam (it may be reversed, depending upon your camera configurations ) and practice together with your whiteboard from the viewable space of the internet portal. I’ve educated 600 courses and that I still struggle with this! Every webcam and computer setup differs, so keep practicing till you’ve determined what is and isn’t payable in your digital classroom.

Personality Is Much More Important Than Content.
Personality is essential! An internet instructor has to have the ability to express both emotion and information in a really small and particular space. If it concerns the VIPKid interview, character will finally cause you to break you. Insulation like a mad man… It will think like that till you become accustomed to it. Wear makeup as though you were a TV character. Utilize a great deal of facial expressions and hand gestures (inside the viewable space) to arouse joy and excitement. VIPKid wishes to know you could keep a youthful, non-English talking child participated for a whole 25 minutes, so use those valuable minutes to express that you are as a teacher.

Only be your best possible . Bring out the portion of you who has had a couple cups of java and is enjoying life.

Even though the VIPKid interview process can be intimidating, but do not lose out on the chance to earn a little excess cash when linking with students from all over the world. Interviewing with VIPKid is just one of the best decisions I ever made. It’s enabled me to work from home while caring for my loved ones. I’ve made personal connections with not just my pupils, but their families too. My expectation is that I managed to supply some very helpful advice about VIPKid for a organization and explain what they’re searching for through the initial interview.

In case you have some tips or techniques that you want to talk about, please include them in the comments below.

The VIPKID Mock Class procedure could be intimidating, however, it does not have to be. By following a couple of straightforward guidelines, you’re well on your way to getting a formal VIPKid instructor!

That can be Post Three in my own training with VIPKid series.

Teach in China daily from house with VIPKid!
Teach in China daily from house with VIPKid!
Now What?
Following the interview the following step from the VIPKid procedure is finishing Mock Courses. For the best vipkid mock 1 tips, check out this video vipkid mock 1. And to see an example of someone actually doing their mock, check out this vipkid mock 1. There are a number of teachers that got blessed *cough* me *cough* and just had to finish Mock Class 1. I’m hearing that this is getting more and more infrequent, so with this functions of the article we’ll assume that all candidates need to complete both Mock Courses.

A Mock Class is just what it seems like! You may schedule a time using an American Mock Class Mentor (MCM) that will speak with you for a couple of minutes and then pretend for a lesser degree English Language Learner. The MCM will evaluate your performance with a rubric supplied to them by VIPKid. MCM’s are trained in how to evaluate and score instructor candidates equally efficiently and fairly. My very best advice to take part in some little talk with your MCM prior to the lesson starts to be able to calm your nerves and express your own personality.

It’s necessary to be aware that if the MCM is the person who’s grading you, the best hiring decision comes in the VIPKid company office.

Your very first Mock Class is generally scheduled in 3 days of departure your own interview. You pick a Mock Class time employing the Teacher Candidate portalsite. If there are no convenient times out there for you, just wait a day and refresh the choices. There are normally several class times to pick from.

The course itself will require about a hour. Teacher candidates will instruct a 25 minute mock lesson along with the Mock Class Mentor will offer ideas and feedback prior to, during, and following the lesson. You’ll have the ability to log into the Mock Class portal 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time to prepare and exercise as essential.

Professional Hour Interactive Notebook

This is a complex answer. Like I have stated in other articles, VIPKid has produced a great deal of changes before 3 weeks and this has comprised tightening their hiring practices. Please do not let this happen to you! The genuine teaching job is really much simpler than the interview procedure. Stay confident in your skills, and you’ll do just fine. Here’s a simple overview of how to maneuver your Mock Courses:

Personality, Character, Personality!
Your character must absolutely shine through in the event that you’re likely to score a project with VIPKid. This is sometimes somewhat difficult for conventional classroom instructors. As professional educators, we’re very focused on learning results and a professional demeanor. You must absolutely be worried about these problems, nevertheless they’re secondary to making sure that your character beams throughout the monitor screen. Bear in mind, you’re likely to be instructing kids on the opposite side of earth by means of a monitor… And they do not know English! You have to present your MCM which you’re effective at grabbing a pupil’s attention and holding it for a whole 25 minutes. It may be challenging. That is the reason why I urge”bonding” with your MCM as far as you can during the meeting part of your own Mock Class. Let them know who you’re right from the gate and they’re going to be forgiving if your nerves reach you through the lesson section of the course.

Besides completing an assessment rubric in your teaching abilities, your Mock Class Mentor will also supply you with one or more”character tags” As soon as you’ve turned into a VIPKid instructor, prospective parents are going to have the ability to observe these tags and pick you according to your own personality. This is going to be an essential component of establishing your book of business and ensuring that you’re booked for courses. Think of what character tags you want your MCM to choose. Would you wish to get seen as humorous? Outgoing? Conventional? Bear this in mind while you prepare for your lesson and throughout your Mock Class procedure.

Genius Hour

Time Management
This really is the most heavily weighted subject of this Mock Class rubric. You have to complete at least 90 percent of the slides contained at the Mock Class substance so as to obtain a passing grade. Most courses have 25 slides, which means you have to undergo at least 22 of these so as to proceed. It may be a rather challenging undertaking. But the same as instruction in a conventional classroom, the longer you do it the easier it becomes. Time yourself and do not forget to pause for student answers.

You need to target for a single moment of class time each slip. As you get started teaching real classes, you may discover that a few slides require 10 seconds and a few take 3 minutes. Provided that you’re averaging just one minute a slide, you are gold.

Throughout your Mock Class, you’ll be expected to utilize a white board and secondary benefit system to be able to inspire your student. Utilize the white board to compose language words or goal sentences. Ensure your white board is visible as you’re composing on it and that you hold it inside the camera frame long enough to allow the student to process what’s been written. I’d also strongly encourage a minumum of one extra prop, based upon the lesson being taught. I straightforward doll or puppet makes for a fantastic visual aid and will help reel in pupils who’ve lost interest or are off job.

The secondary benefit system may be something as straightforward as celebrities or smiley faces given to the student while he or she does a fantastic job. I will admit this wasn’t part of the standards when I had been hired and it’s not part of my overall classroom instruction. Go the information offered to you from VIPKid so as to learn what the current expectations are seeing awards.

project based learning

Incidental Language
As a conventional classroom instructor, I would intro a new ability by stating,”Okay pals! Now we will understand how to combine CVC words. Keep it slow and easy as you possibly can. Until you become accustomed to it, then you may feel like an amazing turtle. I guarantee, that is precisely the speed you would like!

If you’re instructing phonics mixing, simply jump straight to it. Circle the portion of the word you’re focusing on and state it gradually while pointing to a mouth. Subsequently cup your ear and then await them to replicate it. For quite low pupils, I will mouth the sounds or words that they should be generating. This retains instructions quite clear and straight ahead. Imagine how you’d feel if they had been speaking Chinese!

Your student might not realize the words that you’re saying, but a few bodily activities are universal. ESL students will need to attach significance to the words which you’re saying, therefore use TPR as far as you possibly can. It can feel odd at first, but once you know it you will be pointing to a mouth when someone is not listening to you!

There are a whole lot of excellent resources on YouTube for VIPKid instructor candidates. I”understand” a number of them through our very active Facebook group. These videos are well rounded and well intentioned. I Would like to create two favorable tips about those videos:

A number of them are obsolete and don’t reflect the current developments in hiring practices. By all means, see them as a means to gauge energy and personality levels but be very careful about particular information about passing your Mock Courses.
For any reason, lots of Mock Class Mentors aren’t lovers of VIPKid YouTube movies. I guess that some bad apples ruined it for the active VIPKid educators that were only hoping to assist prospective candidates. Mine included. Again, do not let this prevent you from watching them! Just bear in mind your MCM might not wish to hear about the hours of movies you saw in Mock Class preparation.

One more thing you may be curious about are vipkids trial class. This is where a child in China has not yet signed up with VIPKID, but is trying it out–hence the name “trial lesson.” For this, you’ll want to go easy on the kid, as he or she may not know any English. Praise lavishly, make the class fun (which you should be doing anyway, but lay it on thick for the trial students), and be very positive in the feedback you leave to the parent.

There you’ve got it! Some basic principles and easy strategies that will assist you pass your Mock Courses with VIPKid. As soon as you’ve finished your Mock Class, you must get an email with your score along with a pass/fail telling within a day. This email will also detail the upcoming steps in the procedure and the way you can expect for a fully-certified VIPKid teacher.

Congratulations and decent luck on your instruction trip!

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